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Mastercard Prepaid - (Easy Card/Arsenal)


  • Cards issued to individuals (minimum 16 years old)
  • Parents can purchase up to five cards to themselves and their children (10 years old and up) and replenish the card with amounts to give children the sense of independence by using the card. 
  • No need to open an account at Banque du Caire to issue the card 
  • Fast card issuance for Banque du Caire  customer and non-customers   as it does not need credit approval
  • Immediate Card delivery at branch for Arsenal unnamed prepaid 
  • Flexibility in replenishing the card through: 
  • any of the bank branches 
  • deposit at Banque du Caire ATMs that accept deposits 
  • transferring from the Debit card to Easy Card through any of the Bank's ATMs
  • Card can be used in purchases and ATM withdrawal, domestically and internationally 
  • Card can be used for internet purchases 
  • No fees applied if the card is used in withdrawal at any of Banque du Caire ATMs 
  • Fawry services (bill payment and top-up, electricity and phone bills, donations, etc.) instantly at any of Banque du Caire ATMs. 
  • Enjoy Banque du Caire offers and discounts at different times of the year 
  • Balance inquiry and mini-statement services are available at any Banque du Caire ATM 
  • Call Centre services are available 24/7 to answer any inquires or to stop the card if it is stolen or lost 

Travelling Abroad:

  • Please note that international cash withdrawal and purchase limits and fees are amended in accordance with market changes. For more information, please call 16990 or visit the nearest Banque du Caire branch. 
  • *Terms and Conditions apply and may change without prior notice.