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Our Activities

Economic Activities

Banque du Caire supports vocational training and job creation for youth in Sohag Governorate In the framework of its vision of creating new job opportunities, training and employment of young people and girls, which in turn leads to the development of the Egyptian economy, Banque du Caire, in cooperation with Misr El Kheir, supported 210 young men and women (18- 35) in the province of Sohag to train and create new jobs for them and thus reducing the unemployment rate. The Youth Training and Rehabilitation Program aims to empower youth giving them the necessary technical skills and provide recruitment / employment opportunities for the target group, as well as providing 70% of the beneficiaries of the training programs with tools to use later and thus secure their monthly source of income. In order to ensure the sustainability of the project, Banque du Caire, in cooperation with Misr Al Kheir, have developed a strategy to follow up on beneficiaries on quarterly basis as well as providing them with the necessary support to ensure their employment or that they have a sustainable source of income.

Banque du Caire Supports the differently abled As part of its CSR strategy, Banque du Caire supported "Masdar Rizk- source of income" project with Al Hassan Foundation to support different wheelchair users. Masdar Rizk aims to encourage wheelchair users to work and earn their own living and support their families. The project aims at financing and engaging wheelchair users in small development projects in all Egyptian Governorates. As part of this project, the Bank will partner with Al Hassan Foundation to support 8 of the differently abled ,50% of whom are women as Pilot Project

Motorcycles for people with special needs in Qalubia and Al Wadi Al Gadid As part of its strategy to support people with special needs, Banque du Caire has donated 13 equipped motorcycles to people with special needs in the governorates of Qalubia and Al Wadi Al Gadid to assist them in their movement as well as ensuring stability in their lives

Banque du Caire Supports the National Economy Banque du Caire participates in several national projects, such as projects of Tahya Masr Fund and the renovation of of Al asmarat in Mokattam.

Supporting economically underprivileged people As part of its strategy to support economically underprivileged people, Banque du Caire issued 724 Aman certificates economically underprivileged people in Beni Suef Governorate. They were distributed during a celebration organized at the headquarters of Governorate to provide an insurance cover for widows, divorcee single moms.

Community Support Activities

Winter Campaign 2018 in Upper Egypt As part of its CSR, the Bank has partnered with Misr Al Kheir and the Egyptian Clothing Bank to provide the safe and necessary housing for families in Upper Egypt. As part of its partnership with Misr Al Kheir Foundation, the bank supported the Sakan and Dafa initiative (Warm Houses) to roof 85 houses in Aswan Governorate. And to widespread the benefit of the initiative in a proper way, and extend support to families in Aswan (father, mother and two children), 600 Winter packs were distributed.

Convoys of Good Will 2018 For the sixth year in a row, Banque du Caire launched its CSR initiative " Convoys of Good Will " during the month of Ramadan to sustain the needs of the people in Upper Egypt Governorates : Qena, Aswan, Beni Suef and Minia in cooperation with Al Orman NGO. This year, the convoy distributed 2,000 packs of food and building drinking water pipelines to 60 homes. A total of 100 eye operations were carried out in addition to roofing 50 houses.

Intensive campaigns during Ramadan 2018 As usual, Banque du Caire has been involved with many prominent charity activities that have served the community for many years. For the second year, the Bank's cooperation with the Egyptian Liver Foundation was a continuation of the bank's support to the medical sector and support underprivileged patients to get the necessary examination and receive free treatment. Based on the Bank's keenness to support Ahl Masr NGO, it has directed its contributions to the hospital, treating the victims of burns and providing equipped medical units to receive the injured and provide the needed support to them. The Bank's contributions also extended to Magdy Yaqoub Hospital for the treatment of heart patients in Aswan a well as the completion of Phase III of Al Orman Cancer Hospital Shefa El Orman.

Developing Al Qar'an Village As part of its CSR, Banque du Caire developed Al Qar'an Village in Sohag Governorate in cooperation with the "Khair w Baraka" NGO to provide a better life for the people of the village. Through its community project, the Bank has succeeded in providing all the basic requirements of the village of Qar'an through five main axes, including the comprehensive development of the village's primary school and health units, as well as the provision of clean drinking water to the most needy families in the village through the delivery of the main water line. All this was in addition to the provision of vocational training for the residents of the village to establish sustainable income generating projects.

Developing Egyptian villages To support the Egyptian community, Banque du Caire contributed to the national project of developing 78 Egyptian villages and transforming 3 villages from each governorate into pilot villages.

Developing Slum areas Banque du Caire participated in the initiative launched by the federation of Egyptian Banks to develop slums through its contribution of 2% of its profits in 2015 to develop these slum areas based on its belief of its important role as a huge financial institution to support the surrounding community.

Supporting people with special needs Through its strategy, Banque du Caire always provides support to orphaned orphans with special needs by donating to the Foundation for El Walaa and El Wafaa NGO to help in treating and education them.

Supporting women In the framework of its support for women, Banque du Caire has undertaken several initiatives, including the payment of the debts of the Garamat (women in prison) with the help of Al Orman NGO. The bank also honoured the perfect mothers on Mother's Day to recognize the efforts of all mothers who support the economy.

Developing youth centers As part of its focus on the youth, Banque du Caire contributed to re-develop and equip the youth sports centers in Maasara and Roud El Farag.

Education Activities

Banque du Caire supports high school graduates As usual, Banque du Caire is always seeking ways to support the educational process and encourage outstanding students as well as motivating other students to exert more efforts. In this context, the bank has donated Aman Certificates and pre-paid Arsenal cards to 20 high school students. The bank has also supported a trip for 50 high school graduates in collaboration with Al Gomhouria newspaper.

Banque du Caire supports community schools in Fayoum Banque du Caire provided support to a full class of 30 students for a year in one of the community schools in Fayoum in collaboration with “Kolena ma baad” NGO. It is worth mentioning that “Kolena ma baad” NGO supports 16 community classes in different areas in Fayoum. Each class contains 30 students who are primary school drop outs. The students study in these classes for 6 years.

Banque du Caire supports Zeweil University and Nile University Leveraging on Banque du Caire’s keenness on education, the Bank participated in sponsoring outstanding students at both Zeweil University and Nile University. It is worth mentioning that the bank provided its support for 25 students in Zeweil to study high level of technological education and was also able to support 15 students for three consecutive years to study computer science and business at Nile University.

Health Activities

Banque du Caire supports the health of Egyptian citizens As part of Cairo Bank's keenness to support the health sector in Egypt, Banque du Caire supported many medical institutions such as Bahia Foundation for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer by contributing to the purchase of a Mammogram device in addition to Ahl masr NGO, where the bank managed to participate in building a new IC Unit for children in their new hospital. Banque du Caire also managed to support the Ministry of Health and Housing in its initiative to eliminate waiting lists. The Bank will continue to support the medical sector in Egypt.

Banque du Caire sponsors Zayed Charity Marathon Banque du Caire believes that NGOs play an important role in providing aid and assistance to the needy and to the development of society. On December 28, 2018, under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Banque du Caire participated as a bronze sponsor of the Zayed Charity Marathon held in Ismailia for Shefa El Orman Hospital for treating cancer patients for free.

Banque du Caire is a strategic sponsor of the Floating Hospital that sails to 8 governorates in Upper Egypt Banque du Caire, in collaboration with Rotary Clubs in Egypt, has donated to participate as the main sponsor in the floating hospital that sails to 8 governorates in Upper Egypt in Aswan, Luxor, Assiut, El Menia, Beni Suef, Qena, Sohag and Giza during the period from 1 March 2019 to 30 April 2019. On board of the hospital are 15 clinics Specialized and a number of units in addition to a team of doctors and nurses. There is also awareness and training programs as well as economic and social support programs. The hospital includes a wide range of specialties, early detection of breast cancer, detection of iron deficiency anemia, laboratory and mobile radiology unit, pharmacy, drug store, several doctors, nursing staff and advisory staff.

Celebrating Ramadan with 57357 children In 2018, and for the second year in a row, Banque du Caire participated in "Egypt Gathering" campaign with the 57357 Children's Hospital with a huge presence of volunteers from the Bank who spread joy and participated in the decoration and gifts and lanterns.

Banque du Caire supports the medical sector Banque du Caire has fully contributed to support the medical sector in Egypt. The Bank has participated in the renovation of a large number of university and governmental hospitals by providing them with medical equipment in various governorates of the Republic, notably Ain Shams, Cairo, El-Zagazig, El-Beheira, Mansoura, Menoufia, Banha, Assiut University and Asswan Western Hospital. This is in addition to donating to 57357 children cancer hospital and participating in the national campaign to eliminate the virus c. The bank also pledged its contributions to support the medical sector through donations to several institutions, most notably the Egyptian Liver Foundation for two consecutive years, and Ahl Masr through providing all the necessary support for the treatment of injured. This is in addition to donating to Dr. Magdy Yaqoub Foundation for the treatment of heart patients in Aswan, and contributing to the completion of the third phase of Shefa El Orman Hospital in Luxor. The Bank also participated for two consecutive years in the campaign "Gathering Egypt " for the children of 57357 Hospital.

Cultural Activities

Banque du Caire supports various arts and cultures As part of the activities of the Banque du Caire in the arts and culture, the bank has supported the Academy of Arts to renovate the Talent Development Center (Sayed Darwish Hall) by equipping them with the latest international and technological systems.

Renovating Cairo Khedive and Beautification of squares

Banque du Caire participated in the initiative adopted by the Federation of the Egyptian Banks to renovate downtown area to preserve its architectural style. The bank has also contributed in the renovation of some squares in different governorates.