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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions Sector

The Financial Institutions Sector comprises of four arms: Correspondent Banking, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, Structured Products and Remittances. Together, these teams are BDC’ first point of contact, for banks and non-bank financial institutions.

  • Correspondent Banking: Enhances BdC' position across the globe through partnerships with + 600 banks across six continents, with extensive focus on African market.
  • Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI): Manages BDC' business relations with +200, insurance companies, microfinance providers, consumer finance, securities brokerage, factoring, leasing, funds, mortgage and e-payment companies.
  • FI Structured Products (FISP): Plays an instrumental role in availing funding channels to BDC in partnership with DFIs & Multilateral Funds capitalizing on the confidence of Multilateral Financial Institutions in BDC’ performance. Furthermore, FISP manages BDC’ relationship with the International rating agencies.
  • Remittances: Plays a vital role in managing BDC’ relationships with 70+ money transfer organizations worldwide in order to attract Egyptian expatriates’ remittances, a cornerstone of Egyptian economy.