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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions Sector contains 4 main departments:

  • Correspondent Banking: positions BDC' business propositions across the globe through partnerships with over 400+ banks across six continents.
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions: manages BDC' business relations with 100+, insurance companies, microfinance providers, securities brokerages, auto finance, factoring, leasing, Funds, mortgage and e-payments companies.
  • Financial Institutions Structured Products: plays an instrumental role in raising fund to BDC, by transacting direct, syndicated facilities and credit lines granted from multilateral financial institutions to cater the bank’s growth. Also offers forfeiting services under risk mitigation by specialized financial institutions, further to manage BDC’s relationship with International rating agencies.
  • Remittances: plays a vital role in managing the bank’s relationships with 60+ money transfer organizations worldwide in order to attract Egyptian expatriates’ remittances, a cornerstone of Egyptian economy.
FI Structured products is specialized in managing and attracting funds in partnership with Multilateral FIs and Funds increasing BDC’s market share of direct and indirect lending and sustaining BDC presence in the global market