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Time Deposits with Upfront interest

Time Deposit with Upfront interest rate

Duration Interest Rate Minimum issuance balance Issuance Amounts
3 Months 9.00% EGP 300,000 Multiples of EGP 100,000
6 Months 9.00%
1 Year 9.25%

The total TD interest is credited next day of issuance


  • Competitive interest rates based on the duration of the TD.
  • The option to credit time deposit amount and returns to the current or savings account as per customer preference.
  • The time deposit is renewable as per the client’s request.
  • Possibility of issuing and redeeming the deposit at any of Banque du Caire branches.
  • The possibility of granting a credit facility against the TD with same currency & with simple terms.
  • Client can break his TD anytime before maturity.

Required Documents

It is required to open a current or savings account to issue a time deposit

  • Valid national ID.
  • Vaild passport for foreigners.