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Internet Banking - Mobile Banking

Now With BDC online, you can enjoy a wide range of banking services easily and safely 24/7 from anywhere you go! 

View your accounts

  • Detailed view of all BDC accounts “Current, Saving, Time deposits, certificates of deposits“.
  • View detailed transactions on your accounts.
  • Monitor your Deposits and certificate's maturity dates, tenor and interest rate.
  • Access to all your loans and financing details.
  • Know your IBAN number for your accounts.

Easy move your money

  • Transfers between your own accounts.
  • Transfer to other BDC customers.
  • Transfer to other banks inside Egypt in Egyptian currency with Account or IBAN number.
  • Transfer to Qahera cash Wallet or any other wallets in Egypt.
  • Pay any other bank’s credit cards.

Credit Card

  • Check credit card details
  • Know your total amount used, available balance, and the minimum balance required
  • Settle your BDC credit card on spot
  • Pay any other banks credit cards
  • Block your card if it has been lost or stolen.
  • Register in E-statement service

Other services

  • Activate your Token easily through self –serve portal
  • Apply for cheque book request
  • Check the latest updates in currencies exchange rate
  • Locate Banque du Caire Branches & ATMs all over Egypt

Securely transfer your money

  • BDC Soft token is the latest security technologies, a onetime password that is issued by BDC soft Token which is  available for  IOS , Android and Hawaii smart phones

With our BDC token solution, we can

  • Provides you with a safer Internet Banking & Mobile App experience
  • Create a Onetime Passcode for transfers & create Payees


Token activation steps

  • You can register yourself through online banking platform or BDC mobile application, just follow the steps and   fill in the required fields to access the service in no time.
  • Visit the nearest branch to update your personal information and subscribe to online services.
  • Fill in the subscription form and obtain your username.
  • A passcode will be sent to your registered mobile in the registration form.
BDC Mobile Banking Application

With BDC Mobile banking application
Do your banking easily and safely anywhere 24/7

Free download of the BDC online mobile application from the mobile stores

Download from here



Just login by using the internet banking “ username “& “ password “ and enjoy the online banking services

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