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Trade & Supply Chain Finance

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Trade Finance

If your goal is to improve working capital, to self-fund growth, to reduce debt or expand business across a wide range of products; GTB offers the following:

  • Trade Finance services (L/Cs, L/Gs and Documentary Credits)
  • Back-to-Back / Transferable Credits / Revolving Credits
  • Discounting and Forfeiting (ECAs covered)
  • Payables and invoices financing schemes
  • Receivables finance
  • Pre- and post-shipment financing
  • Trade loans
  • Commodity Finance structure, including both physical and constructive control funding
  • Mechanisms financing against closed warehouse receipts or bills of lading possession
  • Local Letters of Guarantees and Counter Guarantees

Benefits of Effective Trade Products:

  • Receivables finance solutions improve working capital for self-funded growth to help customers unlock funds trapped in inventory or receivables to keep the supply chain moving forward.
  • Export finance – pre- and post-shipment finance supporting customers for improving their cash flows and manage risks associated with international trade.
  • Import finance solutions offer flexible options for managing working capital. Improving cash flow by bridging the gap between settlements with suppliers and payments from buyers.

Working Capital and Supply Chain Finance

Working Capital & Supply Chain funding solutions: 

Through our wide range of products and dedicated specialists, will support your business focusing on increasing the efficiency of transactions and payment terms to reduce the cost of funding – both for your organisation and for your suppliers.

Our solutions help increase liquidity in the supply chain and reduce the risk inherent in trade flows, offering these funding solutions: 

  • Receivables  finance 
  • Suppliers finance 
  • Invoice / Contracts finance 
  • Post & Pre shipment financing schemes