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Treasury & Capital Markets

Treasury and Capital Markets Group

  • Provides innovative investments strategies and tailored hedging solutions for BdC clients and the Bank.
  • The T&CMG is a major market maker for liquidity and carry trade products which assist in addressing market opportunities, Fostering growth and empowering clients.
  • With BdC’s market making strengths, we aim at providing our retail and corporate clients with best practices such as competitive market pricing and transparent price discovery. This guarantees the highest returns for our clients to aid in fulfilling their investment goals.
Money Market

BdC offers competitive interest rates to serve clients’ needs in Egyptian Pounds and other major foreign currencies i.e. time deposit, Saving Accounts, Current Accounts, and Certificate of Deposits.

Foreign Exchange
  • Provides competitive exchange rates whether against EGP or other foreign currency.
  • Covers a wide range of currencies ranging from G10 currencies along with Gulf countries’ currencies.
  • Prompt and efficient execution of FX orders and trade finance requests.

BdC is active in quoting FX Forward contracts while ensuring the efficiency and competitiveness of the provided quote thus hedging the clients’ proceeds/payments from undesired FX market volatility/fluctuations.

Fixed Income
  • BdC is an authorized bank to act as a primary dealer on behalf of the Ministry of Finance which enables the bank to subscribe immediately to the auctions for its own portfolio or the banks.
  • BdC plays a major role in the secondary market trading activities for local currency instruments as well as Eurobonds.
Wholesale banknote

BdC maintains a leading position in Egypt’s wholesale exporting & importing Banknote business.

  • Maintained FTP policy in line with international standards.
  • Assist in pricing assets & liabilities through competitive pricing.
Treasury Sales

Increase & retain business with direct clients in the corporate, SMEs and retail segments through:

  • Providing competitive current account, saving accounts & deposits’ interest rates
  • Providing FX rates and services for Bank’s clients.
  • Marketing Treasury products to maximize the clients’ capital gains or interest income.
Research & Analysis

A daily “Morning Brief” is prepared by the Treasury Group which includes updated indices, rates, figures & economic news such as major FX rates, Client’s’ Deposits rates, latest market bulletins and news, major commodity rates, top stock exchanges indices performance and other useful information. As well as the “Wake Up call” addressed to the foreign investors.