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El Thabet

BdC’s Fixed Income Fund " Al Thabet "

Established since 2013.


  • Open-ended fund.
  • Invests in various basic financial instruments, such as treasury, corporate bonds and other debt securities with no tenor limits aiming at generating high yields with moderate associated risk.
  • Available for Egyptians and foreigners (individuals/institutions).
  • Managed by CI Asset Management, one of the best asset managers in MENA region.
  • Possibility of have quarterly distributions.


  • High returns associated with moderate risks.
  • Tax-free returns.
  • Flexibility of subscription and redemption.
  • Investors can monitor the fund’s certificate price through:
    • BdC branches.
    • Call center 16990.
    • Daily morning newspaper.
  • Reports, financial statements are published semi- annually.

Subscription and Redemption (free of charges)


  • Investors can purchase / redeem a minimum of one certificate with no maximum
  • Subscriptions are available throughout the working days until the first Sunday (or the first working day) of the following week at 12:00 PM.


  • Redemption requests are presented until12:00 PM of the first Sunday of the following month (being a working day, else the next working day).
  • Request can be cancelled before the last Thursday of the month.

Settlement will be next day after first Sunday of the next month (being a working day, else the next working day) as per the certificate’s share of NAV on the request day (close of business).