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El Thabet

BdC’s Fixed Income Fund " El Thabet "

Established since 2013.


  • Open-ended fund.
  • Invests in various basic financial instruments, such as treasury, corporate bonds and other debt securities with no tenor limits aiming at generating high yields with moderate associated risk.
  • Available for Egyptians and foreigners (individuals/institutions).
  • Managed by CI Asset Management, one of the best asset managers in MENA region.
  • Possibility of have quarterly distributions.


  • High returns associated with moderate risks.
  • Tax-free returns.
  • Flexibility of subscription and redemption.
  • Investors can monitor the fund’s certificate price through:
    • BdC branches.
    • Call center 16990.
    • Daily morning newspaper.
    • BdC website.
  • Reports, financial statements are published semi-annually.

Subscription and Redemption (free of charges)


  • Investors can purchase/redeem a minimum of one certificate with no maximum.
  • Subscriptions are available throughout the working days untill the first Sunday (or the first working day) of the following week at 12:00 PM.


  • Redemption requests are presented untill 12:00 PM of the first Sunday of the following month (being a working day, else the next working day) (Effective redemption day).
  • Request can be cancelled before the last Thursday of the month.

Settlement will be next day after the effective redemption day as per the certificate’s share of NAV on the effective redemption day (close of business).