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About Banque du Caire

Founded in 1952, Banque du Caire is one of the oldest and largest Egyptian banks, providing its clients with an integrated and diversified package of banking services and products designed specifically to meet their needs, which in turn resulted in the bank receiving various awards over its six decades of operation. Banque du Caire succeeded in transforming itself into a leading financial institution through its diverse portfolio, including large, medium, small and micro companies in the Egyptian market. This is accomplished through its ever-growing network of branches and ATMs spread nationwide, and the team that includes a large number of the banking sector’s talents.

Through a network of 248 branches, 1640 ATMs spread nationwide, Banque du Caire serves a massive and diverse customer base of more than 3 million customers. This includes major corporations, prominent institutions, high net worth customers, and individual customers, including one million customers subscribed to digital services.  Providing them with a package of the best banking services and products. The bank is also keen to continue its leadership as the banking institution of choice for customers, by expanding the digital banking services package, modernizing the bank’s infrastructure and operational systems, as well as developing the governance system in accordance with the best international standards.

Our Vision

At BdC, we aim at satisfying the evolving needs of our customers, in order to gain their trust, and eventually position ourselves at the forefront of the banking scene on a national scale.

Our Mission

To be the preferred partner and financial adviser to our clients by implementing world-class banking capabilities and providing the highest quality products and services. We build value for our shareholders through the strength of our customer satisfaction, quality, commitment, and by consistently producing superior operating results.

Our Subsidiaries

Cairo Leasing Corporation

Banque du Caire established Cairo Leasing Corporation (CLC) as a fully owned subsidiary in March of 2018. CLC provides corporate clients with tailored leasing products and services and assists them in meeting capital expenditure requirements on assets including real estate, plants and machinery, transportation fleets, and IT systems, among much else.

The bank established the company to complement its corporate banking activities and gain a secure foothold in Egypt’s expanding and competitive leasing market. CLC is distinguished from its peers by a fine-tuned operational model that enables its highly experienced team to issue prompt credit decisions and develop innovative solutions that deepen the company’s market footprint. In a short space of time, CLC has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the market, establishing a large base of clients operating in some of Egypt’s most lucrative business sectors. 

CLC  relies on Banque du Caire as one of the largest banks in Egypt, which provides powerful synergies for the company to take its business to the next level. The bank’s support enables CLC to make the best use of its resources, creating opportunities to transfer its capabilities to its clients and help them succeed in their business endeavors.  

Cairo Bank Uganda

Cairo Bank Uganda (CBU) is BdC’s fully owned subsidiary that has been operating as a commercial bank in Uganda focused on SME’s since 1995 and is part and parcel of Banque du Caire’s mission to have a leading role not only in Egypt but throughout Africa. The bank benefits from the solid ties existing between Ugandan and Egyptian businesses and has helped to facilitate the growing volume of investment in Ugandan firms by major Egyptian corporations. CBU offers a gateway Egyptian firms and investors into the Ugandan Market.


Taly is a digital payment company that has been recently incorporated in May 2021. Taly will develop digital payment eco system with bundled services to replace cash through empowering enterprises with Omni-channel acceptance and cash management solution in addition to offering 360-processing managed services to both issuers and acquirer banks. Banque du Caire has established such company as part of its reform strategy to accelerate the digital transformation and to fulfill its commitment to the Egyptian market to advance the digital payment and drive financial inclusion. Banque du Caire holds 99.99% stake in Taly, with the remaining held by Nile Holding for Development and Investments Company and Cairo Leasing Company. The bank will announce the launch date with Taly management soon.