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Sustainability Mission

“Banque du Caire aspires to help create a world that is socially inclusive, ecologically sustainable, and well-governed. Our endeavor is to support our clients’ develop and evolve. This commitment will serve as the foundation for all of our initiatives and sustainability solutions.”

Sustainability Strategy

Banque du Caire’s commitment to sustainability has been a key part of its business model since joining the United Nations Global Compact in 2015.  Our sustainability values are anchored on our Code of Conduct (PDF)

Our Sustainability Strategy Focuses on 4 Dimensions

  • Sustainable Finance.
  • Policies and Commitments.
  • Sustainability Reporting.
  • Capacity Building & Stakeholder Engagement.
Sustainability Targets

To demonstrate its steadfast commitment to sustainability, Banque du Caire set the following targets:

  • Align our credit portfolios with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the E&S policy, which includes a commitment to implement tools for assessing climate impact, such as carbon intensity.
  • Launch initiatives that reflect BdC’s commitment to being a responsible and sustainable bank.
  • Implementation of an ESMS - Environmental and Social Management System.
  • Train all BdC staff on sustainability ( general and multi-tiered).
  • Develop green/sustainability linked products either conventional or tailored.
  • Maintain the issuance of annual sustainability reports; UNGC CoP,  GRI , PRB, Carbon Footprint report.
  • Embedding sustainability policies into our business model.
  • Use of PRB and Carbon Footprint recommendation reports to guide our strategic direction.
  • Empower and educate clients by creating Sustainability awareness campaigns.
  • Decrease carbon footprint drastically.
  • Encourage diversity in our leadership by.
  • Take the initiative in the public discussion about climate change and sustainable development.
Sustainability Principles
  • We commit to becoming active agents that take decisions with respect to our social and environmental responsibilities.
  • We are keen on addressing the social and environmental aspect of our operations and business activities.
  • We are guided by national and international standards and principles.
  • We promote open dialogue with stakeholders.
  • We are keen on developing and integrating a sustainability strategy that is firmly grounded in powerful and holistic processes and policies.
  • We encourage business that yields sustainable growth.
Sustainability Governance

Banque du Caire continuously develops its governance to integrate sustainability across the bank’s core operations. Our Sustainability Committee chaired by our Head of Corporate communication & Sustainable Development, is the highest-level decision-making committee with regard to sustainability across all four sustainability pillars.

The sustainability committee’s decision-making process takes into account the preparatory work and proposals developed by the sustainability team.

Sustainability-related risks and opportunities are addressed to further develop green products, policies and initiatives.


Global initiatives and commitments such as the UN SDGs and the Paris Climate Change Agreement are taken into account in our sustainability approach. We make a voluntary pledge to adhere to international standards, such as the UNEP FI’s Principles for Responsible Banking, and the UN Global Compact.


Sustainability Reports