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Our Strategy

With more than 66 years of operation in Egypt and more than 7500 employees in a network covering all Egyptian regions, Banque du Caire runs its business effectively and efficiently to serve the Egyptian society supporting a vast array of stakeholders from customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, investors, the environment and the community at large to assure a long-term and sustainable approach.

The Bank aims to create value and maximize its impact not only in terms of business success but also by taking part in the enhancement of the local communities and the Country.

Banque du Caire exerts every effort to couple its commercial success with the constant upgrading and amplification of its CSR activities to involve all its stakeholders focusing on the vital integration of our Corporate Social Responsibility concept into all bank's day-to-day business activities utilizing a long-term approach.

With the assistance of the “Code of Ethics”, the complete guide to managing relations between the Bank and all its stakeholders as it describes the values to which it is firmly committed to and believes in, to help maintain the trust of all our stakeholders.

Banque du Caire believes that socially and environmentally correct decisions serve on the long run the economic success, especially in a country like Egypt.

For the past decades, Banque du Caire has been effectively adopting a wide range of prominent Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and contributions outside of core banking realm providing a dedicated approach and significant impacts towards sustainable community development in various fields such as: social development, environmental challenges, healthcare, education, poverty, heritage and culture, vocational training and projects supporting the economy, infrastructure, youth, women and special needs. We ensure that the Corporate Social Responsibility is our obligation to consider the interests of our customers, employees, shareholders, communities and most importantly, the ecosystem. Our strategy takes into consideration the social and environmental consequences of business activities across the country and up-to-date with the global standards.

By integrating CSR and Sustainability into our activities and sustainability initiatives, we guarantee that the workflow shows a full dedication implementing effective governance. Accordingly, Banque du Caire follows its path to achieving the ultimate goals of creating corporate, social and environmental value. 

Tailing Banque du Caire’s commitment to follow the global standards serving the Sustainable Development Goals, the Central Bank of Egypt’s economic, social and environmental initiatives, we are fully committed to ensure all operations are sustainable and drive value for our communities. CSR and Sustainability at Banque du Caire is a core part of our annual Governance report, in a full list of social, environmental projects was reported. The bank began submitting an annual communication on progress (COP) to the United Nations Global Compact since 2016.

Under the global increasing pressure on banks to operate more sustainably and to be more transparent about their economic, social and environmental governance and impacts, Banque du Caire recognizes the need to peruse more efforts to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investment. With the constant flow of new regulations around the world that brings compliance challenges for banks, and increases voluntary guidelines such as the Equator Principles, UN Principles for Responsible Banking and the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), BDC focuses on finance approaches and decisions to reduce the exposure to a complex array of ESG risks and increase opportunities. It is in our agenda to accredit the ESG strategic approach and roadmap, monitor and report in accordance to the Global reporting initiative standards (GRI). (report is to be published in the summer) and continue to report to the United Nations Global Compact. 

Banque du Caire’s CSR and Sustainability strategy allocates its main focus to the environmental changes, analyzes the community’s needs and acts accordingly. The bank has been adhering to the United Nations’ Global Compact principles; supporting precautionary approach to environmental challenges, encouraging initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, encourage the development and diffusion of environmental responsibility and friendly technologies.