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QaheraCash for merchants

Payment services through Qr Code

Providing an electronic payment acceptance service on the mobile wallet with a QR code feature that will make it easier for retailers and merchants to collect payments from the customers subscribed in individual digital wallets in Banque Du Caire or any other banks or any telecommunications companies through their mobile wallets. Merchants can also take advantage of the same service to pay for goods from other merchants using the electronic units available in the merchant's wallet. The QR Code is an easy and safe way to conduct and accept e-payment without the need to points of sale.

Qahera Cash for merchants

Qahera Cash for merchants is a mobile application offered by Banque du Caire for Egyptian merchants only. It allows you to easily accept mobile payments from your customers through scanning QR – Code, and purchasing products from merchants & companies through mobile payments saving effort & time which positively affects the reduction of cash transactions to reach a non-cash society.

Qahera Cash for merchants offers you the following benefits:

  • Accept mobile payments through scanning QR – Code from any digital wallet.
  • Purchasing goods from other merchants subscribed in the same service (M2M).
  • Request to payment (R2P) feature , you can request a fixed amount payment from other merchants or individuals.
  • Deposit and withdraw money at any Banque du Caire ATM’s or any ATM with Meeza logo.

What’s in it for me?

  • Easy : Qahera cash for merchants will make life easier ,merchant can reach account
    • Any time, through Mobile.
    • Any Where, Deposit and withdraw money at any Banque du Caire ATM’s distributed all over EGYPT.
  • Quick : Qahera cash for merchants is the perfect service saving time to conduct any financial transaction.
    • Immediate transactions, A few seconds between the start and completion of the collection process.
    • Instant Follow-up, track any transactions including movement and updates.
    • Quick support, Call center 16990 is dedicated 24/7to answer your inquiries.
  • Safe : Your money is safe in Qahera cash for merchants.
    • Password, you are guaranteed that no one will access your account, the password is 6 digits can be changed at any time.
    • Security, it’s done as follows:
      • No one can access your account without a password.
      • No one can know the balance or the last transactions without the password.
      • No one can withdraw money other than the account holder even if he has your mobile phone because he must know the password.
      • Keeping money in service is safer than it is in your pocket.

How can I register to the Qahera Cash for merchants?

  • Visit any Banque du Caire branch or make a call to the call center 16990  to schedule a meeting through direct sales team.
  • Submit the required documents & fill in the service subscription form.
  • You will instantly receive an SMS with your Verification Code
  • Download the Qahera Cash for merchant’s app from Google Play.
  • Enter your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the Verification Code you received.
  • Choose your new 6-digit Mobile PIN (M-PIN) and confirm it
  • Your wallet is ready for use.

What is required to subscribe to Qahera Cash for merchants?

  • One of the below documents:
    • A Valid commercial registration not exceeding 3 months.
    • A Valid service license.
    • A Valid national ID with providing evidence for a commercial activity.
  • A registered mobile number with one of the telecom operators.

Qahera Cash for merchants Fees*

The fees for subscribing to the service are determined based on the type of customer, activity and the volume of transactions.

Transaction Limits

Customer type Max balance per wallet    Max daily transations Max monthly transactions
Existing customers and have Qahera Cash wallet subscription EGP 10,000 EGP 6,000 EGP 50,000

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