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Educational Loans

With BdC, you can take an Educational Loan that is designed to give your children a better educational experience and help them achieve their dreams.


  • Minimum age of the customer 21 years, Maximum age at the end of loan term is 60 years for employees and 65 for self-professional.
  • Minimum income EGP 5000.
  • Minimum loan amount EGP 15,000 for schools & universities.
  • Maximum loan amount EGP 150,000 for schools & EGP 300,000 for universities.
  • Loan tenor up to 12 months.
  • Interest rate 17.5% decreasing.
  • Life insurance.

Required documents:

  • Valid national ID.
  • Utility bill for the last 3 months.
  • Certificate letter from (school / collage / institution) with total amount of tuition fees for a year.
  • Valid Commercial register or a copy of Tax cards for self-professional.