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BdC's Second Fund

BdC’s Second Fund (Money Market Fund)

It is a daily cumulative fund which established since 2009.


  • An effective cash management tool.
  • Invests in a variety of short term financial instruments such as deposits, term deposits and debt instruments.
  • Low risk investments.
  • Managed by Beltone, one of the market leaders in fund management.
  • Has both, the flexibility of the current account and the returns of the saving account without any duration restrictions.
  • Investors can purchase/ redeem a minimum of one certificate with no maximum.


  • Free tax returns.
  • Investors have debit cards issued to access the fund’s account and ATMs can be used to withdraw after closing hours (settlement will occur on the following day)
  • Accumulates the daily return without freezing of assets.
  • Investors can monitor the fund’s certificate price through:
    • BdC branches.
    • Call Center 16990.
    • Daily morning newspaper.
    • Statements of accounts on a quarterly basis (free of charge).
    • BdC website.
  • Reports, financial statements are published semi-annually.

Subscription and Redemption (free of charges)

  • Subscription and redemption are available all working days until 2:00 PM.
  • Daily access of the fund through BDC branches.