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Waffar Saving Account

The lowest fees saving account with your national ID only

BdC is pleased to announce the launch of the “Central Bank of Egypt’s Financial Inclusion products” to provide more people with access to banking products and services with affordable fees.


  • Interest rate 3% starting at 1 EGP to 500,000 EGP.
  • No minimum to open the account.
  • Customer from 16 years old can open account without guardian.
  • Accessibility of deposit and withdrawal 24/7 from any ATM.
  • Free Meeza debit card issuance.
  • Possibility of cheques’ and bills’ collection within daily and monthly limit.
  • Possibility of payment of obligations, invoices and money transfers within daily and monthly limit.
  • Receive free periodic account statements.
  • Free subscription to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR).


  • For individuals only.
  • Checkbook issuance is not permitted.
  • Internet/Mobile Banking (Mandatory).
  • Waffar account with EGP currency only.

Required Documents

  • 16 years old and above with national ID only.
  • Under 16 years old with birth certificate and guardian national ID.

Balance and debit limits

  • Account balance limits: 500,000 EGP
  • Daily debit transaction limits: 30,000 EGP 
  • Monthly debit transaction limits: 100,000 EGP

Note: In case of any breach, the account will be suspended

  • If the daily or monthly debit transaction or account balance limit is breached, your account will be suspended, and the following will be required:
    • You will have to visit the nearest branch to sign full KYC.
    • Upon visiting the branch, you will only need to fill out a full KYC (personal information application) and provide proof of income, proof of address if not matching the national ID then the account will be changed to normal account as per customer request.

Terms and Conditions

Now you can open your banking account with your National ID only.

Save your money & efforts with Waffar Accounts one of our potential Financial Inclusion products that help all types of segments to get all their financial services easily with affordable fees and interest.

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