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Certificates of Deposits

1- Primo Certificates

Banque du Caire offers various Primo Certificates of Deposits to choose from that satisfies your banking needs with competitive fixed returns.

Primo Certificates in Egyptian Pounds:

Type of return With fixed return With variable return
Certificate duration 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 3 Years 5 Years
Return Frequency Monthly 10.25% 10.25% - 10.25% -
Quarterly 10.50% 10.50% - 10.50% 11.00%
At Maturity 6.75% 5.50% 5.50% - -

Primo Dollar Certificates for Individuals and companies:

Type of return With fixed return
Certificate duration 3 years 5 years
Return frequency Monthly 2.10% 2.25%
Quarterly 2.15% 2.25%
Annual 2.15% -

Primo Corporate Certificates in Egyptian Pounds:

Type of return With fixed return
Certificate duration 3 years
Return frequency Monthly 5.00%
Quarterly 5.50%
Annually 5.75%


  • No maximum limit for issuance
  • Certificate of deposit issuance category in local currency is EGP 1,000 and its multiples; and USD 100 and its multiples. For corporate customers, a certificate of deposit in local currency is EGP 10,000 and increases with the multiples of EGP 1,000.
  • Possibility of full or partial redemption of the certificate’s value 6 months after the issuance date according to early redemption tables
  • Issuance of certificates from all Banque du Caire branches in Egypt
  • Possibility of granting loans against the certificate with the same currency
  • A current or savings account is opened to issue the certificate of deposit, and to credit the interest and credit principal of certificate at maturity.

A current or savings account automatically opened to issue the certificate of deposit, and to credit the interest and credit principal of certificate at maturity.

2- Belady USD, EUR and GBP Certificates

In line with the national directive to increase foreign funds, Banque du Caire issued Belady Certificates of Deposit in USD, EUR, and GBP offered to Egyptian expatriates with attractive interest rates and a straightforward process to apply.

Currency Belady (USD) Belady (EUR) Belady (GBP)
Duration 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Rate 2.10% 2.15% 2.20% 0.50% 0.75% 0.85% 0.50% 0.75% 0.85%
Interest payment frequency Semi-annual Semi-annual Semi-annual
Interest type Fixed Fixed Fixed
Purchase amounts USD 100 and its multiples EUR 100 and its multiples GBP 100 and its multiples
Issuance date Next working day from purchase date Next working day from purchase date Next working day from purchase date


  • No maximum purchase amount is required
  • Certificates are issued through a bank transfer
  • The CD is offered in tenures of 1, 3 and 5 years
  • The 3-year certificate can be redeemed after 6 months while the 5-year certificate can be redeemed after one year
  • The 1-year certificate is not redeemable
  • A Belady current account will be automatically opened with zero fees and commissions when you apply for a Beladi CD
  • The CD’s maturity, redemption and interest amounts will be automatically credited to the Belady current account
  • The CBE guarantees the right to transfer the redeemed amounts and interest to the client's account outside Egypt upon the customer’s request and without a maximum limit for transfer
  • Banque du Caire will not collect any fees, charges or expenses from the account when executing the transfer
  • The CDs can be issued for Egyptian expatriates in their name or their minor children
  • Customers can open a Belady CD with their foreign passports if they can provide evidence of their Egyptian nationality
  • The CD and its due interest can be re-transferred without any fees, commissions or restrictions

 Issuance Process:

  • Print the documents in this link
  • Fill the required documents and sign each page
  • Transfer the certificate amount through a bank transfer to the Banque du Caire Swift Code (BCAIEGCXXXX) with the transfer purpose as: Issue Belady Certificate of Deposit
  • Scan the following documents:
    • Your ID (Passport/ National ID)
    • Copy of the transfer
  • E-mail the scanned documents to the following address:
  • Send all originals documents by courier to the following address:

Banque du Caire

6 Dr. Moustafa Abou Zahra St., Nasr City

Branch’s Support Department (8th Floor)

P.O. Box 9022 - Zip Code 11371

Cairo, Egypt  

  • After verifying the documents, Banque du Caire will execute the purchase order and send the customer a scanned copy of the certificate(s) to his/her e-mail that was used to send the documents. The original certificate(s) will be retained by Banque du Caire.

Required Documents:

For existing Banque du Caire Customers:

  • USD Belady Certificate of Deposit Purchase Request 
  • EUR Belady Certificate of Deposit Certificate Purchase Request
  • GBP Belady Certificate of Deposit Certificate Purchase Request
  • Customers Data Update Form

For new Banque du Caire Customers: 

  • Account Opening Form
  • USD Belady Certificate of Deposit Purchase Request 
  • EUR Belady Certificate of Deposit Certificate Purchase Request
  • GBP Belady Certificate of Deposit Certificate Purchase Request 
  • Specimen Signature Form 
  • Copy of ID (Passport/National ID)

For customers holding American citizenship, holding more than one citizenship including the American one, or have official residency in the US, the following documents must be provided: 

  • Form W-9 (filled and signed) 
  • Declaration form filled and signed
  • Copy of an American passport, greencard, or official residency document   

For customers who are American residents but don’t hold an American citizenship and aren’t subject to FATCA regulations, the following documents must be provided:

  • W-8 Ben (filled and signed)

* All above documents must be sent with the account opening forms by courier to the Banque du Caire address.

** Banque du Caire will review all submitted documents and inform the customer if additional documents are required.

3- Aman Certificates

Certificate Characteristics and Conditions:

  • Currency is Egyptian pound
  • Return 13% per annum added at the end of the 3-year period (after one year from the date of purchase, the price might change according to market developments and new certificates
  • Term of Certificate: 3 years starting from the next working day of the issuance date
  • Denomination: EGP 500 and multiples, with a maximum of EGP 2,500, available from all the Egyptian Certificate Aman issuing banks.
  • Issuing banks: Banque du Caire, National Bank of Egypt, Banque Misr, and Agricultural Bank of Egypt; with the participation of Misr Life Insurance Company
  • Eligible customers are Egyptian Individuals; age 18-59 years
  • Exemption from all account opening expenses 
  • Certificates are nominal. They may not be traded, endorsed, transferred, discounted, pledged or disposed of in any way
  • The Certificate may only be purchased by the customer in person and may not be purchased by a power of attorney or as a grant or donation. No joint certificates may be issued
  • Interest payment frequency: fixed interest throughout the term of the Certificate, to be credited at the Certificate’s maturity to the customer’s account or prepaid card; or to the mobile wallet for new customers who do not hold accounts at Banque du Caire after debiting the value of insurance premiums
  • No Credit Facility or credit cards can be issued against this type of certificate  
  • Redemption: In case the Certificate is purchased directly by an individual, it is redeemed in full at its maturity (nominal value + interest after deducting the insurance premiums, if any). The nominal value of the Certificate (amount paid to purchase the Certificate) is redeemable at any time upon customer’s request, without the condition of the lapse of six months. In this case, the redeemable amount is credited to the customer’s account (if any)

Additional Advantages:

  • Life insurance policy for the customer; A life insurance policy is provided to customers between 18-59 years old, without conducting any medical examination
  • The monthly insurance premium is paid from the Certificate’s interest according to the following:
Certificate value (EGP) Insurance premium (EGP)
500 4
1,000 8
1,500 12
2,000 16
2,500 20
  •  The following benefit amounts are payable in case of the insured's death during the validity of the certificate and up to the age of 60:
Certificate value (EGP) Insurance value (S/I)
Natural death (EGP) Accidental death (EGP)
500 10,000 50,000
1,000 20,000 100,000
1,500 30,000 150,000
2,000 40,000 200,000
2,500 50,000 250,000
  • In case of (natural/accidental) death, the sum insured may be paid in the form of a secured pension for a specific period starting from the month following the date of death, as indicated in the table below:
S/I for natural death (EGP) Secured monthly pension
5 years (EGP) 10 years (EGP)
10,000 200 120
20,000 400 240
30,000 600 360
40,000 800 480
50,000 1,000 600


S/I for accidental death (EGP) Secured monthly pension
5 years (EGP) 10 years (EGP)
50,000 1,000 600
100,000 2,000 1,200
150,000 3,000 1,800
200,000 4,000 2,400
250,000 5,000 3,000


  • All benefits under the insurance policy shall be forfeited in case the customer redeems the certificate or reaches the age of 60
  • The life insurance policy is applicable to Egyptian customers of Aman Certificate and shall be valid from the date of purchase and until the age of 60. After that, the policy shall be null and void. Total interests of the certificate shall be credited in case the customer reaches the age of 60 for the remaining period of the Certificate and up to the maturity date - for which period no insurance premiums are paid
  • Prepaid cards issued specifically for this certificate shall be exempted from issuance fees, provided that other charges and commissions prescribed on utilizing the prepaid card shall be applicable
  • A quarterly raffle draw will be carried out by Misr Life Insurance Company (MLIC) as per the following conditions:
    • There will be 200 tax-exempted prizes in the net amount of EGP 10,000 for each:
      • The winning customer may not participate in other withdrawals.
      • Minimum limit to enter the withdrawal shall be EGP 500.
      • Each amount of EGP 500 offers an opportunity for winning.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply