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We thrive to unlock the full potential of any business opportunity to all SME clients, considering the role and the importance of SMEs in the growth of the national economy.

We provide integrated financial & non-financial solutions for that fits your business needs. Moreover, we believe in supporting startups in alignment with the financial inclusion agenda.

Geographically Spread Network of SME business centers across all regions ready to serve you through our wide and convenient branch network in all Egypt governorates.

Customer Value Proposition offering diversified & tailored programs designed to meet all SME segments needs as well as having a dedicated relationship manager as the focal point to provide the needed banking solutions, services & consultations.

How do we define SMEs?
Enterprises Existing Newly Established
Annual Sales Turnover (EGP) No. of Employees Paid in capital (EGP) No. of Employees
Micro Less than 1M < 10 Less than 50K < 10
Small From 1M to < 50M < 200

Industrial Sector: From 50K to 5M

Non-Industrial Sector: From 50K to 3M
< 200
Medium From 50M to < 200M

Industrial Sector: From 5M to 15M

Non-Industrial Sector: From 3M to 5M

Our definition for SME segment is in line with CBE regulations*

Whatever your business size or needs, we promise to meet your expectations and to provide a wide range of solutions/services that will suit your needs either Financial Products & Services or Non-Financial Services.

Financial Products
  • Short-Term Facility to finance working capital needs.
  • Medium-Term Facility to finance machinery, equipment & fixed assets.
CBE Initiatives
  • 5% simple decreasing annual rate (all-inclusive) for small enterprises to finance working capital needs and/or capital expenditure.
  • 11% decreasing annual rate for enterprises operating in the field of Manufacturing ,Agricultural Production and Renewable Energy to finance working capital needs and/or capital expenditure.
    Eligible companies are:
    • Large and Medium Enterprises.
    • Small Enterprises related to medium or large Enterprises.
    • Factories operating in free zone.

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Subject to changes as per CBE regulations.

Basic Required Documents
for SME Financial Products

  • Recent commercial register (not to exceed 3 months).
  • A copy of a valid tax card.
  • A copy of a valid national ID card for signatories and shareholders.
  • Activity Licenses.
  • Three recent financial statements.
  • Other needed documents for the credit study(if any).


Tailored Lending Programs
  • For sales turnover from 1M to 20M, you can apply for Engaz Loan.
  • For sales turnover from 1M to 50M, you can apply for Small Enterprises Lending Program.

Collaborations with Local & Global financial entities

  • MSMEDA (Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency).
  • EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).
  • GGF (Global Greengrants Fund).
  • SANAD* Fund for MSME.
  • EIB (European Investment Bank).
Tailored Lending Programs

1. Engaz loan for Very Small Enterprises

Fast and Simple lending scoring product, approved and booked within 7 working days with no need for submission of audited financial statements, targeting manufactures, service providers and traders.


  • To finance working capital needs.


  • Annual Sales turnover from 1M to 20M
  • Company’s activity is minimum 1 year in business.

Loan Amount

  • Limit up to EGP 500 K for new loans and can reach to EGP 1M on top up.

Loan Tenor

  • Medium term loan up to 3 years excluding grace period and can reach up to 5 years on Top up.

Required Documents

  • Recent commercial register (not to exceed 3 months).
  • A copy of a valid tax card.
  • A copy of a valid national ID card for owners.
  • Activity Licenses or submission being in process of issuance.
  • Other needed documents for the credit study(if any).

2. Small Enterprises Lending Program

SE program offers a wide range of financial products including overdrafts, medium term loans, letters of credit (LCs) and letter of Guarantees serving industrial and non-industrial sectors.


  • To finance working capital needs and/or the purchase of machinery, equipment and vehicles.


  • Sales turnover from 1M to 50M.
  • The company’s activity is not less than 3 years.

Loan Amount

  • Limit up to EGP 7 M

Loan Tenor

  • Overdraft Facilities for 12 months.
  • Medium Term Facilities up to 5 years.

Required Documents

  • Recent commercial registration (not to exceed 3 months).
  • A copy of a valid tax card.
  • A copy of a valid national ID for owners.
  • A copy of the company's contract and its summary and any.
  • Last 3 audited Financial statements + 6 months’ interim.
  • Recent Tax. And insurance payment receipts.
  • Other needed documents for the credit study(if any).
Other Financial Services

Letters of Guarantee

Issuing letters of guarantee: Bid Bond, Performance and advanced payment according to the requirements and nature of each business activity.

Letter of Credit (LCs) / Import Documentary Collections (IDCs)

Opening letter of credit and managing/handling Import Documentary Collections (IDCs) operations to facilitate the way of doing business accurately.

Cash Management

Collection and Management of your cash flows to make the best use of liquidity based on your business activity cycle and earn extra income through investing in the right tools for more information click here.


We also offer Foreign Exchange (FX) and arrange for forward deals based on your business activity needs for more information click here.


Tailored financial leasing solutions, as well as advisory services to meet SMEs capital expenditure needs through our subsidiary Cairo Leasing Company (CLC) for more information click here.

Nile Preneurs Initiative – Non Financial Services

Banque du Caire leads a solid strategic focus on the non-financial services front, which is an integral part of our value proposition offered for SMEs supporting the financial inclusion national agenda and driving the implementation of the non-financial services model.

In light of this, Banque du Caire is actively participating in
a fast-growing national initiative funded by the Central Bank of Egypt
and implemented by Nile University towards a single goal “expediting SME
nd entrepreneurship growth”.

Non-Financial Services & Consultations

Our non-financial services are targeting startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs with the following services under the umbrella of Nile preneurs initiative,

  • Facilitate access to financing
  • Facilitating obtaining licenses, commercial register & activity registration
  • Knowledge dissemination services
    • Financial control and financial planning.
    • Awareness of bank and non-bank funding sources.
    • Awareness of budget elements and financial statements
    • Awareness of the conditions for obtaining financing and credit programs
  • Networking services
    • Networking with companies of the same size, commercial chains & supply chains in a specific sector.
  • Feasibility study services and business model plan
    • Initial feasibility study.
    • Project work model, work plan.
  • Facilitating access to training opportunities
    • Creating new project & project idea
    • Financial Analysis Services

We support you through Non-Financial Services Hubs & Units (Nile Preneurs Initiative)

Our Non-Financial Services Hubs aim to provide advisory/consultancy services, non-financial solutions to improve the entrepreneurial environment and help startups & SMEs to start, manage & grow their business in the most efficient way.

Get Free Services through our specialized hubs in

What is Export Excellence Center (EEC)?

Export Excellence center is developed in accordance to one of the strategic objectives of Egypt to promote & empower the Egyptian exporters scale out their business globally.

Export Excellence center offers a rich in variety supported by targeted partnerships for export promotion, addressing export challenges in addition to promoting export as driver for SMEs growth and employment generation.

Banque Du Caire is sponsoring all the activities under EEC umbrella aiming to support SME clients to start/boost their export business, through innovative interventions and capacity building programs ranging from technology transfer, digital transformation of business models, product development and awareness about certification compliance programs to improve export capabilities, aiming to improve positioning of Egyptian products in international markets.

We support your exports ambition with through our focused approach

  • Digitization of SMEs sales and marketing channels to boost outreach in global market
  • Improving the technical capabilities through capacity building programs to leverage and adapt technologies to advance companies value add covering (product design, material selection, managing innovation, digital marketing, export incentives, latest available trade agreements, banking & trade finance).
  • Providing technical support to enhance products and push new products to various export markets.
  • Quality improvements, and awareness about certification compliance.