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Our Partnerships

Banque du Caire’s commitment to sustainability is widely clear in its memberships. Along with our financial services, we are aware of the importance of the role we play and our responsibility towards the community we serve.

Our commitment is strongly anchored to our adoption of the International United Nations Global Compact principles as well as other local organisations.

United Nations Global Compact

Banque du Caire’s commitment to sustainability can be effectively observed through its memberships. Our commitment to sustain our daily businesses is anchored to our adoption of the International United Nations Global Compact principles in which we submit an annual Communication on Progress report (PoC).

The United Nations Global Compact is a strategic initiative launched in 2016, which supports global companies who are committed to responsible business practices in various fields highlighting human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. This initiative actively promotes the sustainable development goals to create a much more sustained better world.

Federation of Egyptian Banks

Banque du Caire has proudly joined the Federation of Egyptian Banks (FEB), along with other Egyptian banks supporting its mission to develop Egyptian underprivileged communities under the umbrella of “Renovation of Slum Areas”. With the Federation of Egyptian Banks, we partner strategically with local NGOs to deliver the construction of new elementary and high-school premises in various underprivileged areas. To ensure sustainability in those newly-built premises, BDC assigned bank representatives to closely monitor students’ abilities through the quality of education they receive. Shaping our strategy to align with the country's aim to ensure effective community development in underprivileged areas in Egypt such as providing access to clean drinking water to 282 homes. Every year, the Bank supports different entities and projects that support the community and encourages its development. Additionally, we provide trainings for the schools’ teachers in order for them to provide the best students with the best possible education.

To highlight the year of 2019 and our vocational training initiative, we fully sponsored handcraft exhibitions, where we brought talented workers from underprivileged areas to the capital where they had a more exposure to show their products. We provided them showrooms, widening their market and opening them new opportunity for sales. To sustain their small businesses, we provided them with vocational training in the handcraft field to develop their skills and increase the sales of their products.

Baheya Foundation

The bank partners with Baheya Foundation supporting the Breast Cancer and reached 1,000 beneficiaries. Additionally, with our newly launched volunteering program, we plan regular visits to the Hospital.

Kasr El Einy Hospital

Banque du Caire donated to the Cairo University Kasr El Einy Hospital, also supporting cancer awareness.

El Walaa and El Wafaa & Fatayat Misr

In 2019, the bank continued giving support to El Wafaa & El Walaa that hosts special needs children and adults as part of its annual commitment to the NGO. Same goes for Fatayat Misr which hosts female orphans.

The Floating Hospital with Rotary Egypt

Our partnership with the floating Hospital run by Rotary Egypt helps us reach one main pillar towards the United Nations’ Development Goals of 2030, providing care and well-being to reach the most difficult and underprivileged areas across the country. 

Misr El Khair Foundation

As part of its CSR activities, Banque du Caire has partnered with Misr Al Khair Foundation and the Egyptian Clothing Bank to provide safe housing and accommodation for underprivileged families in Upper Egypt to protect them from the cold in winter. The initiatives aim to provide roofing as well as decent clotting for these families.

As part of its partnership with Misr Al Kheir, our bank supports the Sakan and Dafa (House and Warm) initiative to roof 150 houses in Aswan Governorate in addition to providing support to 1000 families in Aswan (father, mother and two children) and providing them with 600 Winter necessities.

Due to its leading role in Microfinance and its CSR strategy, Banque du Caire has partnered with Misr El Kheir NGO to train and provide work opportunities to 210 youth in Sohag Governorate to reduce unemployment. This new initiative aims to train and raise capacities of the youth and providing them with the tools needed to start their own career.

Al-Hassan Foundation

The bank was able to partner with Al Hassan Foundation to support Income Generating projects for the differently abled people. The project was launched to support a wide number of the handicapped in Upper Egypt

In 2019, we provided support 50 athletic people with disabilities, encouraging them to pursue their passions.