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Our Partnerships

Banque du Caire's dedication to sustainability is evident through its affiliations. In addition to our financial services, we recognize the significance of the role we fulfill and our obligation to the community we serve.

Our commitment is firmly rooted in our embrace of the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, as well as our collaboration with various local organizations.

United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is a strategic initiative launched in 2016, which supports global companies who are committed to responsible business practices in various fields highlighting human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. This initiative actively promotes the sustainable development goals to create a much more sustained better world.

Banque du Caire’s determination to ensure the sustainability of our daily operations is strongly linked to our adherence to the principles of the International United Nations Global Compact. This commitment is further underscored by our annual submission of a Communication on Progress report (PoC).

Federation of Egyptian Banks

Banque du Caire has proudly joined the Federation of Egyptian Banks (FEB), along with other Egyptian banks supporting its mission to develop Egyptian underprivileged communities under the umbrella of “Renovation of Slum Areas”. With the Federation of Egyptian Banks, we partner strategically with local NGOs to deliver the construction of new elementary and high-school premises in various underprivileged areas.

57357 Children Cancer Hospital

Banque du Caire partnered to support 57357 children cancer Hospital, to be able to build new campuses, cover operational costs and to purchase new state-of-the art equipment. Additionally, supporting the construction and maintenance of the arts & music activities rooms for the children, to help them with their psychological state throughout their treatment period.

Helm Foundation

The bank was able to partner with Helm foundation through initiating a project called “SEED” to support the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workplace to gain a competitive advantage.

Through SEED Disability Awareness Program, Helm Consulting aims to build an inclusive workplace and marketplace culture that is receptive towards persons with disabilities.

With 500+ graduates, SEED program supports the differently abled people with an end-to-end educational program to prepare them to be ready for the job market.


In light of our strategic direction of promoting handicrafts, heritage, and eco-friendly goods, we partnered with MSMEDA to participate at “Turathna” exhibition as a strategic partner under the umbrella of our bGreen initiative.

This agreement allows Banque du Caire the privilege of featuring over 20 skilled artisans from various governorates, showcasing their meticulously crafted products at our booth. This not only adds a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere to the event but also attracts a significant amount of visitors to all exhibitors.

Misr El Khair Foundation

Due to its leading role in Microfinance and its CSR strategy, Banque du Caire has partnered with Misr El Kheir NGO to train and provide work opportunities to 210 youth in Sohag Governorate to reduce unemployment. This new initiative aims to train and raise capacities of the youth and providing them with the tools needed to start their own career.

Orman Association

In cooperation with the Orman Association, the bank launched the Good Loan Project to finance 2,000 small projects for women and youth breadwinners. By that same token, it collaborated to support income-generating projects as well as a large number of people in Upper Egypt to include them into the financial system.

Baheya Foundation

The bank partners with Baheya Foundation supporting the Breast Cancer and reached 1,000 beneficiaries. Additionally, with our newly launched volunteering program, we plan regular visits to the Hospital, as well as internal awareness campaigns.

El Nas Hospital

In line with our Bank’s efforts in supporting the medical sector, the bank partnered with Al-Nas Children's Hospital, which is one of the largest distinguished medical centers in the Arab region and Africa, and the hospital has been opening its doors since 2019 to all patients with chronic heart diseases.

Worth mentioning, the bank donated to save the lives of newborn cases as the hospital gives the highest priority to newborn cases, due to the imperative need to perform surgical intervention during the first two months of the child's life, otherwise, the child loses his chance in life or treatment.

El Sewedy Polytechnic University

One of our main pillars is Education, thus we focus on its importance and impact on the future generations through supporting them during their years of high education. Moreover, bridging the gap between the needs of the labor market and the shortage of competencies in the field of technology in a way that contributes to achieving the goals of sustainable development and Egypt's Vision 2030. The bank is proudly sponsoring the outstanding students through providing scholarships to university students under the name of "Banque du Caire Scholarship in the fields of Computer Science Technology Program, Data Sciences technology, Network & Cyber Security Technology Program, Electrical and Electronic Engineering technology Program.

Sonaa El Kheir

Banque du Caire collaborated with “Sonaa El Kheir” organization as one of the first banks to join the “Decent Life” initiative to develop 12 villages in Nubia, Aswan. In addition to, providing professional development training to help develop the heritage handcrafts industry and provide new revenue sources for the most vulnerable in these communities.