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We value the time invested by our esteemed corporate clients and commit to help them grow their business and ease their day-to-day banking experience.

Through our keenness to provide you with the best in class and fully secured digital banking experience, Banque du Caire is delighted to offer BDCbusiness (Banque du Caire’s institutional online banking platform) which will enable you to enjoy your enhanced banking experience and give you the ability to control and keep track of your accounts, transactions and cash flow anytime & from anywhere.

Here is a glimpse of what BDCbusiness offers

  • Check account summary and statement.
  • Transfer between your BDC account and third party accounts within Banque du Caire.
  • Domestic & across border transfers ACH & Swift.
  • Transfer money to Meeza channel ‘’Wallets & Prepaid cards’’.
  • Standing transactions setup.
  • Bulk payments to employee and suppliers.
  • Trade finance requests & inquires.
  • Issuance of custom certificate.
  • Bank draft request.
  • Cheque book request.

Advantages of BDCbusiness platform

  • You can access the banking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can check your account balance from anywhere , at any time  and transfer funds without having to wait for the bank to open.
  • You can complete your transactions from wherever you are by using online banking.
  • Manage your cash flow effectively.
  • Simplify your accounts reconciliation.
  • Securing customer’s identity by using OTP Hard/Soft token.