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Securities Services

A custody relationship is a contractual relationship, where customers are diverse including corporations, funds, investment managers, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, private banking customers as well as high net worth individuals.


  • Safekeeping
  • Income Collection
  • Corporate Actions
  • Cash balances
  • Price Securities Positions
  • Record keeping and reporting
  • Client management
  • Acting on behalf of the customer to take part in industry and regulatory meetings

Agency and Trust Services

Act as an escrow agent and intermediary in large corporate over the counter transitions. Securities Services offers agency solutions to support an array of situations. It is aligned with the Egyptian Capital Market regulations.


  • Escrow / Collateral Agent / Trustee
  • Safe keeping and distribution of funds or assets based on agreed-upon terms
  • Allocate, utilize and invest collateral as directed

Depository Agency

  • Facilitate the registration of limited liability companies with local depository in alignment with the Central Depository law.
  • Execute the cancellation and Issuance of Depository recites for companies that have their shares listed in a foreign stock exchanges.