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BdC's Equity Fund

BdC’s First Fund (Equity Fund)

It is an equity cumulative fund which established since 1995.


  • Managed by EFG- Hermes, one of the market leaders in fund management.
  • Long-term investment.
  • Total returns of 2388% since inception date until Dec. 2023. (average return of 85% per year).
  • Investors can purchase/redeem a minimum of one certificate with no maximum.
  • High expected returns associated with high risk.


  • Allows clients to invest in Egyptian Stock Market through a professional fund manager.
  • Investors can monitor the fund’s certificate price through:
    • BdC’s branches.
    • Call center 16990.
    • Daily morning newspaper.
    • Reports, financial statements are published semi-annually.
    • BdC website.

Subscription and Redemption (free of charges)

  • Subscription takes place on a daily basis at all BDC’S branches until 12:00 PM.
  • Redemption requests to be presented till the last working day of the week before 12:00 PM, settlement takes place on the next working day based on the certificate price declared at the close of business of the last working day of the previous week.