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Our Activities

Banque du Caire has always been a strong believer in the principal of collaboration, that the needs of many can only be solved by becoming change makers. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and projects are a reflection of our dedication to becoming a beacon of positive change. With our commitment to the UN’s 17 SDGs, Banque du Caire’s plethora of CSR projects encompass a variety of the 17 goals, with focus on health, environmental, economic empowerment, youth empowerment, education, inclusion and cultural preservation.
Health initiatives

Egypt’s health sector has been going through a modernization phase to help provide medical service of the highest standards to those in need, and Banque du Caire was in support of every initiative. We are always proud to stand side-by-side with not only the Ministry of Health, but also various organizations such as Magdi Yacoub Hospital for Cardiology, Ahl Masr Hospital for burns, Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, Red Crescent Hospital, Baheya Hospital and many more.  Another aspect of our health projects is our dedication to supporting Egypt’s people with special needs. Banque du Caire sponsored El Amal Village and in collaboration with Akhbar Al-Youm foundation, we sponsored the initiative Touch your dream.

Community empowerment

To create positive impact, empowering Egypt’s youth and women is necessary. This is something Banque du Caire truly believes in and is part of our CSR strategy. With Nidaa foundation, we succeeded in helping those in need to develop the required skills to increase their income. In collaboration with Orman Association, El Kard El Hassan project helped finance 2000 small projects for Egypt’s most vulnerable youth and breadwinner women. Through collaborations with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, initiatives such as Daragtak Sehetak were started to help foster a healthier community. Through Turathna exhibition, we helped support traditional craftsmen through showcasing their beautiful creations to the public.  

Through a partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, we sponsor the Orphan’s day ceremony.

Environmental initiatives (bGreen)

bGreen initiative is an incredible environmental project we created to help foster eco-friendliness to Egyptians from all walks of life. Through initiatives such as beach cleanups in Alexandria, recycling projects in school and raising environmental awareness through workshops and summer camps, we have been building up a more prepared ecosystem for the environmental challenges we face on a global scale.


Our support to the educational sector has been imperative for its growth and development, and since education is essential for national development, we have always found a way to contribute. We proudly sponsored outstanding students at Nile University, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, King Salman International Universities and El Alamein International; we also established a school in the Fayoum governorate alongside our partners at Rotary Egypt. In collaboration with Misr El-kheir, a scholarship for an outstanding student was provided to encourage their continuous success.

Economic development

Contribution to national development has never been more important, and so Banque du Caire donated to various funds such as Tahya Masr and Osar el Shohadaa. Another initiative we are proud of was donating apartments to those in need. As well as collaborating with Sonaa Al Khair on the Hayah Karimah project.

Cultural activities

On the cultural preservation front, we support the I Speak Arabic initiative to help support Egyptian identity to Egypt’s diaspora abroad in collaboration with the Ministry of Immigration.


Dec 20, 2022
Banque Misr, Banque du Caire alongside Misr Capital and Allianz launch Real Estate fund

The consortium of Egyptian banks and financial institutions launched Egypt’s “Misr Real Estate Investment Fund1” as a new real estate investment instrument in the Egyptian market - (PRL - AR)

Nov 17, 2022
Banque du Caire announces the establishment of  Cairo Exchange with a capital of 250M EGP

Banque du Caire finalized the establishment of its new subsidiary, Cairo Exchange. This venture is a reflection of the bank’s strategy to continue providing innovative financial services, all while ensuring the availability of foreign currency for the public - (PRL - AR)

Nov 14, 2022
Banque du Caire signs a financing package with the French Development Agency

The fund is targeting to finance the micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) which have a strong impact on social diversity and climate change - (PRL - AR)

Nov 12, 2022
Banque du Caire participates in in the panel discussion “Youth and Climate Change” during COP27

Banque du Caire participation is in line of many efforts by Banque du Caire to amplify the youth’s voice in the fight against climate change - (PRL - AR)

Aug 30, 2022
Banque du Caire ends first half with 20% growth in its operational revenue

BdC’s first half  witnesses continuous growth from past years, with 3.1 Billion EGP in gross profit and 1.8 billion EGP net. With 6% growth from 2021, this year’s successes are a testament to Banque du Caire’s leadership - (PRL - AR)

Mar 30, 2022
Banque du Caire Signs the UN Principles for Responsible Banking

Banque du Caire has become an official Signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking – a single framework for a sustainable banking industry developed through a partnership between banks worldwide and UNEP FI - (PRL - AR)


Banque du Caire’s Chairman & CEO visits Aswan’s Heart Center

Mr. Tarek Fayed (Executive Chairman of Banque du Caire) visits Aswan’s Heart Center “Magdy Yaacoub Hospital” (PRL – AR)


Banque du Caire & Sonnaa El Kheir witness the outcome of their hard work at the opening ceremony of Dawood village

In line with (Hayah Karima) initiative, Banque du Caire & Sonnaa El Kheir celebrate the opening of (Dawood village in Fayoum) after the completion of its development activities (PRL – AR)


Banque du Caire honors Egypt’s Paralympic champions

Banque du Caire honors 2 of its sponsored Paralympic champions (Ibrahim Hemedto) and (Sherif Osman) for their achievements during the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics (PRL – AR)


Banque du Caire announces the graduation of its first two batches of SME graduates

Banque du Caire announces the graduation of the first 2 batches for NAWAH training Academy for SMEs (PRL – AR)


Banque du Caire signs MOU with Tamweely to provide new digital services 

Banque Du Caire signed an MOU with Tamweely to provide new digital services (PRL – AR)