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Mr. Bahaa El Shafie

Executive Vice Chairman

Mr. Bahaa El Shafie enjoys an ample banking experience, extending over more than thirty years in the field of large companies credit and investment.

Throughout the last ten years, Mr. Bahaa El Shafie has filled the post of President of the Credit & Investment Sector at (Qatar National Bank – QNB) (Ex-National Societe Generale Bank), further to assuming Presidency & Management of Large Companies Credit Portfolio at the Bank.

Mr. Bahaa has also assumed management of the Bank Investment Portfolio, the Investment Funds & the Custodian Department. He has also filled the membership of several committees at (Qatar National Bank). He acted as member at the (Credit Committee), the (Assets & Liabilities Management Committee), the (Credit Risks Committee) and the (Investment Committee).

Mr. Bahaa has represented (Qatar National Bank) as member of the Boards of Directors of several tourism, hotel, petroleum and asset management companies.

Mr. Bahaa has worked for several years as President of (Project Financing & Structural Funding) at (Qatar National Bank), during which he arranged and managed several large joint loans for greater projects at the various Sectors of Economy in Egypt, including the Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Communications, Building Materials Sectors and such other huge national projects, which necessitated coordination among several Egyptian & Foreign Banks.

Mr. Bahaa has assumed leadership of the team work of several agencies, including the Principal Coordinator, the Financing Agent, the Security Agent, the Local Agent of Foreign Banks and others for several huge joint loans.

He participated as a Member of the Executive Management having assumed acquisition and merger of (Misr International Bank) in the (National Societe Generale Bank) and the acquisition of the (National Societe Generale Bank) by (Qatar National Bank).

During his career, he passed several specialized training courses in the fields of credit, investment, risks and leaders qualification, the most important of which was the (Credit Course) & the (Investment Portfolio Management Course) at the American University in Cairo and a specialized course in the (Investment Risks Assessment) at Harvard University in the United States of America.

These courses comprised the Future Leaders Program at the Egyptian Banking Institute, the Leaders Qualification Program at London Business School, the Executive Leaders Qualification Program at Harvard University in the United States of America, and other several courses at the (Societe Generale Bank) in France.