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Customer Rights & Responsibilities
Customer Rights & Responsibilities

Know your rights!

As a customer of Banque Du Caire, and in light with The Central Bank of Egypt's concern for the protection of bank customers, you have rights that will protect you which you should learn about:

Fairness and Equality

You have the right to be treated with courtesy and should not be unfairly discriminated when offering financial products and services.

Disclosure and transparency

Banque Du Caire should provide you with all the information relevant to services and products rendered to you.
Such information shall be clear, accurate, simple and easy to understand.

Privacy and confidentiality

It is the Bank's responsibility to protect the interest of customers at all times by maintaining privacy and confidentiality of transactions and Customers' personal data.

The customer has the right to be offered products that are suitable to his needs and are based on the assessment of his financial circumstances.

Protection against financial fraud

Banque Du Caire is responsible for protecting customer deposits and savings by means of laying down effective, competent, high-standards and precisely supervised internal control systems, for the purpose of curbing any fraud and embezzlement acts or misuse of the financial services.

Due diligence for treatment of customer complaints

Banque Du Caire insures treatment of customer complaints and their grievances in a swift, fair and independent manner. The Bank sets clear and definite mechanisms for following up and treatment of these complaints without delay, and is maintaining in-house mechanisms for settlement of disputes received by customers.

Know your responsibilities!

  • You must carefully view all documents presented by the bank in case of obtaining any service or product and it's im­portant to know about any fees, commissions, obligations or responsibilities resulting and shall have a copy of these docu­ments before any financial or banking obligations are estab­lished.

  • Be truthful in all information you provide to the bank.

  • Identify the risks that might result from using a service or product offered by the bank, through inquiries addressed to the specialists on the effects of those risks and should avoid it whenever possible.

  • Maintain copies of the documents of the dealings with the bank in a safe place and in a manner that is easy to refer to, when needed.

  • Be careful in reviewing and ensuring the accuracy of all documents presented by the bank before signing them.

  • Maintain your personal and banking information and records updated and/or whenever requested by the bank.

  • You must contact the bank immediately upon noticing any banking transactions made in your accounts which you are not aware of or did not perform.

  • You should also advise the bank immediately about any unauthorized transactions.

  • Practice care and caution in maintaining the secrecy of your information while dealing with the bank and not disclose it to any other party.

  • All of the above responsibilities apply to any authorized power of attorney you enabled the access of your accounts to.

  • You must instantly inform the bank of your will to terminate any of the bank's services provided, product or power of at­torney assigned when desired.