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Customer Complaints Channels
Customer Complaint Channels

Dear valued customers,

At Banque du Caire we strive to provide superior banking services that are driven towards your needs to guarantee maximum satisfaction.
Hence, your comments, remarks & complaints are very valuable to us.
To ensure smooth flow of communication between us, and as per the Central Bank of Egypt instructions we have established a customer complaints platform functioning effectively since October, 2019.

BDC Complaint Channels
Call Call 16990
Complaint form
Download Now
E-mail Submit the complaint through the bank's email
Boxes Complaint boxes using the complaint forms
which are available in all bank's branches
and you can send it through customer complaint mail
Complaint Procedures

Once your complaint has been submitted through our mentioned channels and received.
BdC and Customer protection team ensures your complaints are handled with fairness and with a state of righteousness.

You will receive a short message to your registered phone number (SMS) with your complaint reference number within 2 working days from the complaint submission date.

The bank will examine, analyze, investigate and respond to the complaint within 15 business days as per the approved timeline by CBE (except for the complaints that will require extra timeframe of investigation where the customer will be aware of) Complaints are only accepted by account holders and their authenticated Power of attorneys.

A short message (SMS) shall reach out for you once the complaint is finalized/closed in order to know its outcome and closure.

In case of customer dissatisfaction of response/feedback presented, customer has the right to appeal one more time with his dissatisfaction requesting to reopen the same complaint through one of our channels within 15 days from its closure date. Where we are obligated to reinvestigate The case one more time.

If the second feedback did not make it to the customer's expectations , then in this case only the customer escalates to CBE.